CTA Well-Baby Program

Seeking early and regular prenatal care is one of the best things you can do for your baby.  Whether you are expecting your first baby or are an experienced mother, each pregnancy is unique.

The CTA Well-Baby Program is available to eligible CTA members or to a spouse/domestic partner of eligible CTA members.  An eligible CTA member is one who participates in either the CTA Voluntary Group Life or Disability Insurance Plan.  Eligible CTA members or the spouse/domestic partner of an eligible CTA member must enroll within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy to participate in the CTA Well-Baby Program. However, if you are a CTA member or the spouse/domestic partner of a CTA member who is past 20 weeks of pregnancy, a one-time late enrollment opportunity will be accepted within the first 120 days of the CTA member's new employment.

The CTA Well-Baby Program delivers tremendous value through the following information and resources:

  • Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: a 500-page reference guide that will inform, reassure and educate future parents
  • Growth Chart and Pregnancy Calculator: helps get the pregnancy off to a healthy start
  • Mayo Clinic Health Coaching for Pregnancy: a telephone-based program providing scheduled calls with a registered nurse who provides education and support throughout the pregnancy and three months postpartum
  • Ask Mayo Clinic (24-hour toll-free nurse line): provides access to registered nurses via telephone to answer questions related to your health or the health of your baby during pregnancy or up to three months postpartum.

Mayo Clinic Health Coaching for Pregnancy will notify CTA when an eligible CTA member or a spouse/domestic partner of an eligible CTA member enrolls in the program. However, rest assured that any information shared with Mayo Clinic Health Coaching for Pregnancy will be kept confidential.