CTA Introductory Disability Insurance

CTA Introductory Disability Insurance for Brand New Educators and ESPs

You got the job - congratulations! Now you can get the paycheck protection you deserve with your CTA Member Benefits.

Brand new educators and education support professionals often have very little accrued sick time, and many struggle with the added financial burden of student loan payments. That’s why CTA now provides brand new1 educators and ESPs with 9 months of CTA Introductory Disability insurance from The Standard at no cost when they join CTA for the first time between 7/1/2021 and 6/30/2022. To become a CTA member, visit CTA.org/join.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You’re a brand new¹ educator or education support professional starting your first job as a California educator or education support professional.
  • You became a CTA member for the first time between 7/1/2021 – 6/30/2022.
  • You work an average of at least 15 hours per week.
  • You have an annual contract or equivalent with your employer.
  • You are not a full-time member of armed forces.

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements above, you are automatically enrolled in the CTA Introductory Disability insurance plan for 9 months. The coverage starts on the later of:

  • Your first day of work; or
  • The date you become a CTA member

How to Continue Coverage

To continue protecting your paycheck past 9 months, you can apply to convert your CTA Introductory Disability insurance to CTA-endorsed Voluntary Disability insurance at any time before the end of the 9-month coverage period with no health questions asked.

Newly hired?

If you aren’t brand new, but new to your district, you may still be eligible to apply for CTA-endorsed Voluntary Disability insurance and up to $200,000 of CTA-endorsed Life insurance2 within 270 days of starting work at your new district without answering health questions. Apply online

1 Brand New is defined as an educator or education support professional who has not previously worked in education in the state of California and has never been a CTA member previously. Your first employment record in CTA’s membership database must be no greater than 180 days prior to your CTA membership start date.

2 Coverage reduces to 65% of the amount in force at age 70, 45% of the amount in force at age 75 and 30% of the amount in force at age 80.

For costs and further details of this offer and coverage, including exclusions, benefit waiting periods, any reductions or limitations and the terms under which the policies may be continued in force, please contact Standard Insurance Company at 800.522.0406.

GP190-LTD/S399/CTA.1     GP190-LIFE/S399/CTA.3