Member Training Programs

CTA and NEA Member Benefits provide a variety of trainings available to UniServs, chapters, and Service Centers. These trainings are designed to meet a variety of financial and personal needs.

Request a CTA Member Benefits training by contacting:

CTA Member Benefits Department
1705 Murchison Drive, Burlingame, CA 94010
Phone: (650) 552-5200
Fax: (650) 552-5014

Request a NEA Member Benefits (NEAMB) training by contacting:

Sean L. Mabey
NEA Member Benefits
Affiliate Relations Specialist
Office: (801) 699-5569

Available Trainings:

CTA/NEA Member Benefits for You, Your Family, and Your Career (CTA Member Benefits & NEAMB) as of April 2020
Learn about your numerous exclusive Member Benefits, just one of the advantages of your association membership. Member Benefits staff will provide an overview of almost 50 different programs designed for members to save you and your family time and money, and also help with your finances, insurance protection, professional development and retirement planning. Join the thousands of members enjoying the value of Member Benefits every day!
Target audience: All members
Time: 90 minutes

The Value of CTA/NEA-Retired Membership (CTA Member Benefits & NEAMB) as of April 2020
CTA/NEA Member Benefits continue with CTA/NEA-Retired membership. CTA/NEA provides unique services, programs and benefits for retirees. This workshop explains the importance of membership after retirement, and how CTA/NEA Member Benefits programs continue to meet the changing needs of members into retirement.
Target audience: CTA/NEA-Retired members
Time: 60 minutes

Journey to Financial Independence (CTA Member Benefits) as of November 2019
CTA wants you to have a long and happy retirement. CalSTRS and CalPERS will only cover about half of the income you will need in retirement so it is essential that you start a retirement savings plan to make up the difference. There are a lot of plans offered to educators but many have high fees or surrender charges. In this session, we will help you get started toward a financially secure retirement and avoid the suboptimal plans. We will review the basics of saving for retirement using easy-to-understand terms. We will highlight the CTA Retirement Savings Plan which was designed for educators and the only plan endorsed by CTA. This plan has a simple “quick enrollment” process that makes saving for retirement easy.
Target audience: All members
Time 60 minutes

More Month than Money: Understanding Personal Financial Management (NEAMB) as of July 2015
The most popular training offered by NEA Member Benefits. This training focuses on setting financial goals, learning about various investment vehicles, tracking daily expenditures, creating a cash flow statement, and establishing a budget. We’ll also discuss the various CTA and NEA Member Benefits that can help members meet their financial goals.
Target audience: All members
Time: 90 minutes

2018-2019 CALIFORNIA with SAVI Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers (NEAMB) as of May 2019
The latest NEA Member Benefits research shows recent graduates are leaving universities with greater and greater debt. This presentation focuses on how teachers who teach in “high impact schools” can get a portion of their Stafford and Perkins loans forgiven. We’ll also discuss the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Only applies to undergraduate and graduate degrees and those who have not consolidated their loans.
Target audience: Student members & members in their first five years
Time: 75 minutes