2020 Presidents Conference

CTA/NEA Member Benefits and our endorsed partners are here to assist association leaders in their organizing efforts. We hope that these materials are helpful to you. .

  1. CTA Member Benefits Department
  2. CTA Retirement Savings Plan - Prudent Investor Advisors (Prudent)
  3. CTA Voluntary Group Life/Disability Insurance - Standard Insurance Company (The Standard)
  4. CTA Auto and Home Insurance - California Casualty's Auto & Home Insurance
  5. NEA Member Benefits
  6. CTA Credit Union Services - Provident Credit Union
  7. CTA Access to Savings - Access


CTA Member Benefits Department

Participating in Member Benefits programs and enjoying the savings they provide can offset the cost of association dues. Our programs can give you and your family peace of mind. From customized insurance and financial products to numerous discounts for everyday needs and even travel, we have you covered.

2020-2021 CTA Member Benefits Material

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CTA Retirement Savings Plan - Prudent Investor Advisors (Prudent)

How is this plan different than other 403(b) plans? 

  1. All plan representatives are salaried, not paid on commission. The result is significant savings on plan costs. 
  2. Your union has no financial benefit from this plan. The goal in creating the CTA retirement savings plan was to help make sure that every educator has a financially secure future.
  3. There are no hidden fees, and the plan is designed to keep administrative and investment management costs low.
  4. CTA follows fiduciary standards to ensure that all recommendations and plan decisions are made solely in your best interests.
  5. CTA Retirement Savings Plan is the only one that is built for—and endorsed by—the California Teachers Association.

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Enroll in the CTA 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan

Review Your Existing 403(b) Account From Another Provider

JOURNEY TO FINANCIAL INDEPENDCE- An Educators Guide for Retirement
2020 PRESIDENTS CONFERENCE- CTA 403(b) Retirement Savings Program

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CTA Voluntary Group Life/Disability Insurance - Standard Insurance Company (The Standard)

CTA members have unique insurance needs. That’s why CTA Member Benefits has partnered with The Standard to create Disability and Life Insurance plans specifically designed for education professionals. In times like these supporting your members is more important than ever. The Standard is ready to help you engage with and support your members with new virtual resources.  

Please complete this form to help your newly hired members get the coverage they deserve without having to answer health questions. When you invite The Standard to support your virtual or in-person New Hire event, you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of five $100 gift cards

Other Valuable Resources

Virtual Resources from The Standard
Member Enrollment Brochure
CTA Leader Kit
Chapter Leader Resource Center

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CTA Auto and Home Insurance - California Casualty's Auto & Home Insurance


We appreciate the value CTA brings to California educators and are committed to helping you grow and retain your membership.

Although local presentations have moved from in person to online, our member engagement activities are as successful as ever.

Please fill out this form to help us understand your needs. As a thank you for your time, you will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card

CTA Auto and Home Insurance Program provided by California Casualty
California Casualty Field Marketing Managers

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NEA Member Benefits

NEA Member Benefits exists to help your members meet their financial goals, stretch their paycheck, and view Association membership as a value add of belonging. As chapter presidents, we partner with you in membership recruitment and retention, providing valuable benefits, and helping meet members needs through webinars, like “Generation Debt: Student Loan Forgiveness” and “More Month Than Money: Setting and Reaching Your Financial Goals.” We look forward to partnering with you and your chapters in helping make your members’ lives better.

2019-2020 NEA MB Programs & Services Brochure
2019-2020 NEA MB Programs & Services Flyer
Student Debt Navigator by Savi Flyer
CTA Presidents Conference Vendor Fair 

Sean Mabey
Affiliate Relations Specialist

To order 2020-2021 Materials for your new employee orientations or schedule a presentation, please e-mail Sean.

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CTA Credit Union Services - Provident Credit Union

Provident Credit Union membership gives you access to special financial products that are better than a bank's. Whether it’s a: new checking account bonus,  savings plan to help bridge the summer months,  skipped auto loan payments, or exclusive discounts on auto loan and mortgage rates—Provident is your partner in education.

Membership Has Its Advantages - Provident Credit Union—Rooted in Education
Provident Credit Union Product Information Packet
Provident Credit Union Brochure
Provident Credit Union Overview Flyer

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CTA Access to Savings - Access

CTA Access to Savings is an exclusive benefit for CTA members, featuring the nation’s largest private discount network. You’ll find savings up to 50% on everyday things such as food, clothing, car care, travel, entertainment, home and garden and more.

ACCESS® TO SAVINGS… CTA President’s Conference July 2020

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