Temporary Displacement Grant

CTA Disaster Relief Fund
Temporary Displacement Grant

The CTA Disaster Relief Fund exists to provide financial assistance to CTA members who have experienced significant losses as a result of natural or other disasters in the state of California.

Qualifying applicants may receive a Temporary Displacement Grant of up to $500.

The Temporary Displacement Grant exists to provide limited financial assistance for members who are displaced under mandatory evacuation/access prohibited by City or County/official road closure* from their primary residence as a result of a disaster, but do not qualify for a Standard Grant nor the Short Term Displacement Grant. 

The following eligibility requirements apply:

1. Currently enrolled as a CTA Active, Student, or CTA-R member in good standing, and;

A.  A resident in any city or county declared by the State of California to have been subject to a natural or other disaster, or;

B. A resident of a dwelling declared unsafe to occupy by City or County officials due to a disaster, with such declaration free of negligence on the part of the member;


2. The member has suffered economic hardship as a result of the impaired use of the member’s primary residence, and;

A. Access to residence is prohibited, under mandatory evacuation/access prohibited by City or County for 5 days, OR;

B. Required utilities (gas, electricity, or water) are not restored for at least 5 days.**


C. Substantiation of losses stemming from displacement caused by the disaster are provided, and verified by the member’s local chapter;


3. The member does not meet the requirement to receive a Standard Grant or Short Term Displacement Grant.

*For date of loss effective January 1, 2023, the addition of “official road closure” is defined as a roadway that is completely closed by a county or state official preventing access to the primary residence.
**For date of loss effective January 1, 2023, the addition of the loss of required utilities (gas, electricity, or water) for at least 5 days must be substantiated.

CTA Disaster Relief Fund Grant application can be found at CTAMemberBenefits.org/drf. If you have any questions, contact CTA Member Benefits Department at (650) 552-5200.

Note: The filing deadline is 12 months from the date of the incident. The application and all corresponding documentation must be submitted by 12 months from the date of incident. Must be a CTA member during the incident and current CTA member to qualify. Disaster Relief Fund payments are intended for expenses not compensated for by insurance or otherwise.