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Welcome to Our CTA and NEA Member Benefits Organizing Resource Center for Association Leaders

This Resource Center has been developed by the CTA Member Benefits Department to assist association leaders in your organizing efforts.  We hope that these materials are helpful to you.  We welcome your suggestions on the content and also recommendations for additional Member Benefits materials that you feel will be useful.  Please contact memberbenefits@cta.org or call our staff at 650-552-5200.

Publications and Flyers

Resources for Leaders to share with members

  • Student Loan Forgiveness: Many members have student loans and this page provides a PDF of the “Generation Debt: Student Loan Forgiveness” PowerPoint, various forms that need to be completed, The NEA Student Debt Navigator provided by Savi, and a listing of dates and times for the “Generation Debt” presentation.
  • CTA/NEA Member Training Programs: The CTA Member Benefits staff can provide training to your members on topics ranging from a Member Benefits Overview, Retirement Planning, Budgeting and Getting out of Debt, and Student Loans. Check them out and schedule one today.
  • CTA/NEA Leader Training Programs: This is a Member Benefits Overview training with an emphasis on how to include member benefits in your organizing and site visits. Great session for site reps.
  • Tips for New Leaders: Shares how CTA Member Benefits can help make your role as Chapter President a little easier.
  • Endorsement Value: How does CTA Member Benefits decide what business partner to work with? This explains the process and how it protects our members.
  • Membership Anchor Ideas: This is a list of creative and fun ways to connect with members and show the value of membership.

CTA/NEA Member Benefits Leader Guide to Organizing (2024-25)

Communications to Protect Members from Non-Endorsed Vendors

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CTA Member Benefits Virtual Meeting Background for Your Use