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Are CTA Member Benefits brochures and publications available to order or download?Visit the Forms and Materials section under the Tools & Resources tab to download or order materials at no cost to the chapter.If I rent a vehicle while on CTA business, do I have coverage?Yes, if you rent a vehicle while on CTA business, CTA’s Business Automobile Liability policy will provide coverage to you, CTA, the local and UniServ unit. You should state on the rental agreement that you are on CTA business. While on CTA business you do not need to purchase liability and physical damage insurance from the rental car company. This coverage protects CTA, the CTA member, the local chapter and UniServ Unit against bodily injury and property damage claims resulting from accidents involving local chapter leaders or CTA members while using rental vehicles for CTA business. This policy will not provide coverage if the rental car is used for personal usage. CTA Members should check their personal auto insurance.What insurance coverage is automatically provided to CTA chapters?A list of the automatic coverage for CTA chapters is available at Chapter Insurance under the Tools & Resources tab.If I need to provide proof of CTA’s General Liability Insurance for an event, meeting, etc., how can I obtain verification?Contact Cassandra Chu at the CTA Member Benefits Department at (650) 552-5256 for email

Can a newly hired CTA member enroll in a life or disability insurance policy without answering health questions?Yes, newly hired CTA members have an opportunity to enroll in CTA-endorsed Disability and/or Life insurance up to $400,000 during their first 270 days of new employment.Can a newly hired CTA member enroll in the CTA Retirement Savings Plan?All employees can enroll in the CTA Retirement Savings Plan if it is an approved 403(b) vendor in your district. Investing early pays off!

Do CTA/NEA-Retired members get a discount for eye exams and glasses?Yes, discounts are available through the VSP preferred providers and a CTA/NEA-Retired membership number must be presented.

If I am a CTA member, am I an NEA member as well?Yes, CTA has a unified membership. If you are a CTA member, you are automatically an NEA member.If I take a leave of absence, should I continue my CTA membership? If so, whom should I notify?Yes, the CTA Death and Dismemberment Plan and NEA Complimentary Life Insurance benefits are determined by years of continuous membership. To continue your CTA membership while on leave, you should contact your local and notify the CTA Membership Department by calling (650) 552-5278.Can I change my beneficiary at any time for the CTA Death and Dismemberment Plan?Yes, you can change/add/remove your beneficiary(ies) at any time. Do I have to fill out any forms to sign up for the CTA Death and Dismemberment Plan?NO separate or additional forms are required to sign up for the CTA Death & Dismemberment Plan. The CTA Death & Dismemberment Plan automatically covers you on September 1, following the date you become an eligible CTA Member (excluding CTA Retired Annual, Retired Lifetime and Agency Fee Payers). This is a FREE benefit to eligible CTA Members and we recommend that members fill out a beneficiary form to expedite benefit payments.How many beneficiaries can I designate for the CTA Death and Dismemberment (D&D) Plan?You can designate as many beneficiaries as you would like to be shared in equal shares. Can I add a secondary or contingent beneficiary for the CTA Death and Dismemberment (D&D) Plan?No, the Plan does not allow for a secondary or contingent beneficiary. If there is no beneficiary designation form on file, or if your designated beneficiary dies before you, the Plan pays in the following order of spouse; children, including stepchildren and legally adopted children, in equal shares; parents, including adoptive parents, in equal shares; brothers and sisters in equal shares; and if none, then, an executor or administrator.Do I have to complete a separate beneficiary designation form for the NEA Complimentary Life Insurance?Yes, the NEA Complimentary Life Insurance is administered by NEA and is separate from the CTA Death and Dismemberment Plan.Can my beneficiary(ies) or I receive benefits for the CTA Death and Dismemberment Plan and NEA Complimentary Life Insurance?Yes, because they are two (2) separate plans, you or your beneficiary(ies) receive benefits from each plan.

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The CTA Member Benefits Department can also be contacted by calling (650) 552-5200, by email at or by writing to CTA Member Benefits Department, 1705 Murchison Drive, Burlingame, CA 94010.