VSP Savings Pass Program for CTA/NEA-Retired Members

The VSP Savings Pass Program is available to NEA/CTA-Retired members. This valuable program is free for eligible retired members and is provided by the CTA Economic Benefits Trust. Retired members of NEA/CTA who are in good standing are eligible to participate in the VSP Savings Pass Program.

Discount program available from VSP providers* (find a VSP doctor at vsp.com or 800.877.7195)

The Savings Pass Program reduces member out of pocket costs when purchasing a complete pair of glasses:

  • Exam - $50  (20% off without purchase) - once every calendar year
  • Retinal Screening - guaranteed pricing with Wellvision Exam, not to exceed $39
  • Lenses - Single vision - $40; Lined bifocals - $60; and Lined Trifocal - $75         
  • Enhancements: Average savings of 30% on most popular lens enhancements
  • Frames - 25% savings when a complete pair of prescription glasses is purchased
  • Sunglasses - 20% savings within 12 months of your last WellVision exam from any VSP doctor
  • Unlimited Materials - you can use as often as you like

VSP Savings Pass Program is a discount vision program that offers immediate savings on eye care and eyewear. This is not an insurance plan.

VSP Members can save up to 60% on the latest brand-name hearing aids through the VSP/TruHearing Hearing Aid Discount Program 

*Discounts are available through the VSP network doctor who provided an eye exam within the last 12 months and a NEA/CTA-Retired membership number must be presented at the time of visit.

To obtain a NEA/CTA-Retired membership card or membership number, please contact the CTA Membership Department at (650) 552-5278.